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Des Moines Septic Systems & Repair Services

septic system installation

Are you in need of septic repairs service today? We are the skilled and experienced Des Moines plumber you can count on for top-quality septic repairs and other services. We provide a complete line of septic system repairs in the Des Moines area. Our other septic services include maintenance and septic tank cleaning, septic system replacement, excavation, and new installation.

Our Des Moines plumbing company can help you to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your septic system. We offer professional quality work that is done right. Plus, our technicians provide ethical service and will treat you honestly and fairly. If you are in need of septic repairs in Des Moines today, you can contact us during our business hours of 7-5 or call anytime after-hours to get emergency septic repairs.

  • Get Service 24/7
  • Highly Qualified Plumbers
  • Ethical & Honest Service
  • Competitive Rates

Not Sure You Need Septic Repairs? Here's What To Look For

Many of the common problems associated with septic tanks in the Des Moines area may seem like an insignificant plumbing problem. However, the issue could be a sign that you need septic repairs to solve the cause of the problem.

If you still aren't sure after looking at the information below, but know something is going on with your septic system, we can diagnose the problem for you. We'll provide you with our honest advice, and an estimate for the septic repairs if they are necessary.

  • Foul-smelling odors near or above your septic tank
  • Darkened, we ground above the septic system area
  • Toilet, shower, and sink drains that move slowly
  • Frequent plumbing backups
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drain
  • Septic system high-level alarms or pump alarms

Des Moines Septic System Installations & Replacements

In addition to septic repairs, Total Comfort Group provides expert installations and replacement systems. We take care of everything involved from the excavation and leveling of the ground to the final connection to your home's plumbing system. The first step is to call us to schedule an assessment and estimate. We'll make sure you get the right size and type of septic system to meet your needs.

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