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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Des Moines Home

What could cause my water bill to jump up?

If you've noticed a sudden spike in your water bill and you haven't caused it by using more water around the house or in the yard, there is probably a plumbing leak somewhere. You can check for wet spots. Check the yard, slab foundation inside and outside the house, the walls, ceilings, faucets, hot water heater, and anywhere else. Or, just call our Des Moines plumbers so we can locate the leak for you.

Why do toilets constantly run?

Toilets constantly run for several reasons. The toilet handle has a chain on the inside of the tank that sometimes gets caught on another part. The chain should pull and release freely as you flush the toilet. Notice the chain is connected to parts that raise a rubber flapper at the bottom of the tank. Sometimes the flapper won't seal the tank properly after it lowers. Or, the fill valve or tank ball may be malfunctioning.

About how long should a new water heater last?

Water heaters usually last anywhere from 5-13 yrs. Yearly water heater maintenance service will help your water heater to last the longest. It will also run more efficiently. Since storage tank water heaters run constantly, the energy savings you'll enjoy on your utility bill all year is worth getting an affordable service like maintenance.

What's the right temperature to set my water heater?

Water heaters are set at the factory to 120°F. While you can turn it down lower, just keep in mind that this temperature will help to deter the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. There are cases where the heat-sensor inside the water heater has quit working.

This malfunction will make the hot water temperature continue to rise. Call our plumbers for water heater testing if you notice any problems with your water heater temperature, or would like us to recommend a good temperature for your needs and adjust the thermostat for you.

My whole house has bad water pressure. What could be wrong?

If you notice low water pressure from all the faucets in your house, call our Des Moines plumbers. We will need to diagnose the problem to give you an accurate answer. In general, it could be caused by old galvanized pipes, a well water problem, or an issue between the water meter and your house.

What's making my shower drain stink so bad?

If you have stinky shower drains, it's likely that a small piece of leftover soap has gotten lodged within the drain where it has collected hair and formed a clog. This is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, and that's where the smell comes from.

It's also possible that the shower drain pipe is narrowing, which means it will continue to collect debris and bacteria until the limescale buildup is removed. Call us for drain cleaning service, and we'll get rid of the problem. Nobody likes to stand knee-deep in smelly, unsanitary muck when trying to take a shower!